Our moment is now; if we answer.

The way forward, out of the present chaos and confusion, is through a further evolution of consciousness that will give the self-knowledge and self-control needed to identify with God that is in all and through all, and to BEHAVE accordingly.

The result of this is a level of peace like you read in the Saints, a life with purpose and passion like the greatest athletes possessed, and finally, lived with the joy of a new bride.

It is a daily adventure.

This is what He lived and died for.

At our core is a desire condemned and not talked about today. The soul is called to be fully expressed. Our human nature wants to be GREAT. The Lord has called us to “Love the Lord your God with ALL our heart, ALL our soul, and ALL your mind”. If we break down our capabilities inside ONE of those statements it is life changing - all of them - it is world changing.

Our world seeks to distract, discourage, and fill every moment of our life until the time this desire is lost. The mission is to put “You Above Everything Lord.”

There is a shift in perspective coming. The result is a deeper understanding of the great commandment. How each one of us comes ALIVE. Our desires have been disordered to put ‘work’ and ‘social achievement’ above the health of our soul.

We exist to lead a daily refinement of our conduct, character, and consciousness. We have watched society condemn those hungry for excellence, and desire to bring together a leadership community of young adults committed to living on purpose. Fully aware of the eternal prize in heaven, and our short time here on earth.

The moment is now. Our families need us - our communities need us. Most importantly, our Souls desire this.

Be a part of the community. Begin living on Purpose. Imaging a community centered around the constant pursuit of potential. This is what's in front of us. The tribe of the future. To create the future.


Be the one.

You Above Everything.

Henry Schertzinger

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