Never Be Satisfied

It is incredible how controversial this view is. During a time where ‘average’ and ‘poor health’ are accepted. Telling someone to never be satisfied would be seen as toxic. The truth is, you should never be satisfied, you should be happy. Personally I am happy with where my relationship with God is, but far from satisfied. I know there is so much deeper to go. Daily the desire increases as I focus on this journey.

“I accepted Jesus into my life, is this not good enough?’

Be HAPPY with this critical decision, but weary of what the Devil will do to return you to your former place of imprisonment. This situation reminds me of a parable Jesus told about the sower and the seeds. Some were sown in the rocky soil, others amongst the weeds, and then finally a few in the fertile rich soil. How well this contrasts with the heart of a believer.

Someone who hears about the Kingdom of God and receives, but does not begin taking care of the soil will have the desires quickly burned up like the seeds sown amongst the rocks. Another person who hears the Word and allows it to take root in their lives, but does not permit it to transform them will see the roots, or ‘sin’ begin to choke out the fruits of righteousness. Our modern culture is one of the most challenging in History to maintain your beliefs. Continue faithfully in diligent devotion.

I was deeply impacted by this realization of our modern culture after hearing the story of a Chinese Priest. For many years he was performing the dangerous job of leading an underground Church - bringing the Word of God to the people. When he was seized and told to give up the location of the Holy Sacrament and other relics he would not. For days and days he was tortured almost to death. The communist soldiers realized there was nothing they could do to get him to give up where the possessions of his Church were. After being released he made his way to the United States with his family. A new home, one where religious freedoms allowed him and his family to go to Mass every single day. Until all the temptations and instant pleasures of our culture began to take higher priority. There eventually was a time where he and his family attended church only on Sundays, and then once a month, and finally never. Someone who was tortured worse than many of us can imagine for Jesus Christ - gave up his faith without a fight. All because of our society.

Never be satisfied. Always be on watch. The battle for your soul rages, and a daily devotional practice will strengthen the shield of protection the Lord has already put around you.

Once you accept Jesus the transformation has just begun. The challenge we are called to is purifying our souls so they can be in complete union with the plan he has for us.

A constant practice and pursuit is your greatest protection. Throughout history the greatest Saints and Philosophers have gotten to the end of their live just to realize they only scratched the surface of the power of God. Training for the life of the Spirit is the practice and game.

If you are reading this, be HAPPY, but not satisfied.

“Let all the acts of our lives serve

Our goal of bliss in heaven with God.

We are all meant for greatness.

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