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2022 Mens Summer Summit

Answer the Call,
Begin the Adventure.

For Men who want to know what true freedom is.

-       Foundation                 -                  Formation                -                  Fellowship       -

Theme: Strengthening our warrior hearts and becoming who we were created to be. Our communities need Men of God.

For Two nights and Three days men will...

Be immersed in the gifts of our Father, and transform all problems into opportunities to unleash the power within.


We will hear talks on: 

 "A Battle to Fight"

 "An Adventure to live,"

"Be the Man of God."

Included in the Summit, members will receive detailed instruction on how to use our unique community resources and tools. With this we will spend time doing interior exercises to fully experience and reveal the light within. 


The foundation will be Fellowship and the power of brotherhood. This will carry us into the coming year with brothers prepared to support and encourage. 


This World is enemy occupied territory. The battle rages daily - surround yourself with warriors.


"We are now in the late stage of the long and vicious war against the human heart... Do you know why there's been such an assault? The Enemy fears you. You are dangerous big-time. If you ever really got your heart back, lived from it with courage, you would be a huge problem to him. You would do a lot of damage... on the side of good. Remember how valiant and effective God has been in the history of the world?  You are a stem of that victorious stalk."

  - John Eldredge



A fire is set ablaze with one Spark - so to are our lives when we realize the pure potential of a life guided by  the Holy Spirit and alive in Christ.



You bring the dream, we will provide the direction. We believe the skilled, conscious training of our spirits is best done with tools to focus our efforts! 



As thoughts and actions are aligned with the model set before us, our new conduct builds a new character and then consciousness for us to live from!

Summer Date

SUMMIT - June 16-18

Ages 16-25


Location: Goering Family Farm (Adams County Ohio)

*Lodging, food, and equipment will be provided. Packing list will be released after registration.

No Financial commitment - please enter email if interested or looking for more information.

Grace and Peace