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Elohim Chapter 


Ages 16 - 20

 Daily we will share testimonies, prayers, and messages for encouragement, as well as build strength and find fellowship in the mutual challenges we face as men. The leaders will emphasize the excellence we have been called to. Christ being our greatest example, the Elohim Chapter will aspire to align our conduct with this great potential placed inside of us.


Monthly on zoom, members will hear from leaders, and with the YAE-WAY Project resources, take on challenges physically, spiritually, and socially to reveal the gifts we have been given. Annually, there will be Leadership Summits for members to be immersed in the principles that began this project. By men, for men, the Elohim Chapter will be the most supportive group of Christ like leaders you could be a part of. 

Foundation - Formation - Fellowship

By joining the Elohim Chapter you will surround yourself with men of God who desire to see your best contributed to the world. 

We find confidence in the foundation the Lord has built for us, hope in the refining trials that sharpen and strengthen us, and joy in sharing the precious promises with our brothers and sister in Christ.

In times that are meant to divide us, and make us feel isolated in the world, there is nothing more important than a community. Join a diverse group of men, willing to challenge and push each other in hopes to reveal the potential set in their soul by the Father. 

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