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We deeply believe everyone has a reason for being here, in this moment.


A passion from a young age has been leading; for the joy of seeing people come together and achieve results that were beyond themselves. Growing up in Cincinnati we played multiple sports; always loving the idea of being on a team and competing for a unified goal. This interest led to motivation, which turned into discipline, then diligence in pursuing our goals. We are now playing Lacrosse at the University of North Carolina with hopes of playing the sport for many more years. Lord willing.



Growing up faith only played a role in our lives on Sunday. It is now, looking back, that we see all God has had a hand in. This mission was sparked during a night of great frustration with where our Country and World was heading. Knowing we had a role to play in the future an earnest prayer was laid out before the Lord.


"What do you want us to do?"


A night of conversation with the Spirit led to what we have begun. The devil has been doing plenty of dividing. It is time for people to say "You Above Everything Lord," and come together to establish the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. The World does not have another generation of complacency in it. We are the ones. Love must abound.

Two days later, one of our best friends passed away. CHIEF, was one of the greatest community makers we have ever witnessed. He could network, and make connections like it was his ordained gift from God.  On top of this he cared about the details, and  made an effort to support you in any endeavor you were passionate about. Going home from his celebration of life we felt the mission on our hearts to build a community. One aligned in mission, and brought closer by daily fellowship. 


There will be no stopping a united community set ablaze by the Gospel. To love each other, stand firm in truth, seek wisdom and understanding, live passionately, and save the souls of the World.


There is no "they" for "them," we are the ones. Let us begin with our gifts, and watch us set the World on fire.  WE HAVE WON, let us be a part of it.

We want all to be witnesses and warriors.

This will be the most supportive community you can be a part of. Prepare to take your performance to the next level. Spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially.

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